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Star Wars 30 Day Challenge: Day One — All-Time Favorite Character

My all-time favorite character in the Star Wars Universe? Revan.

Savior. Conqueror. Hero. Villain. Jedi. Sith.

A Jedi turned to the Dark Side by the Emperor of the Sith, he redeemed himself (in the eyes of some) when he stopped his former partner, Darth Malak, from crippling the Republic. Eschewed by the Jedi Order he once served, he married another Jedi, Bastila Shan, and tried to live out the rest of his life as peacefully as he could. Alas, this was not to be. Haunted by dreams of his turn to the Dark Side, Revan adventured back into the Unknown Regions and once again became a pawn of The Emperor. Until … (If you’re lucky, you’ll find out in The Old Republic MMORPG)

How bad-ass is he? He wears a Mandalorian mask as a symbol of┬ávengeance, killed the Mandalore (their supreme leader) in a duel, knows both the Light and Dark Side of the Force …

He is one of the most heroically tragic figures in Star Wars lore. Protagonist of the best (single-player) Star Wars game to date (IMO). And has the best droid partners EVER! T3-M4 is an astromech droid that could give R2-D2 a run for his money, and HK-47 would have C-3P0 for lunch.

I would love to have his figure, and it is past time for them to make a LEGO Revan. here also needs to be HD remakes of the two Knights of the Old Republic games, so others who didn’t before can experience the awesomeness that is Revan.


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